Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lifetime CU License SD! JUST $20 USD

There are many Commercial Licenses that with the payment of $ 20 or more you have the rights to trade, but you have to buy separately each product. There are only one Lifetime CU License with a single payment of $ 20 also includes products and !THAT IS MINE!!!

You just have to buy my commercial license is one in the case of my cliparts, and the cost is 20 USD:

I have an additional license for my scrap items and photoshop styles. You can use my graphics as you wish. You may use my graphics and blend with other designers, you can't mutile my dolls, for example, cut my doll's head and use the body of another that I don´t designed, to generate a new clipart. You may not resell my kits in their original presentation, but you may sell the result of the work you did with them. You can not print my images on fabric, shirts and hats. EVERYTHING ELSE IS ALLOWED to print, stickers, bottlecaps, ribbons, party kits, cards, etc, etc, etc.. On my blog you can download more than 400 kits (if a link is broken I will fix it if you inform me)

and also receive by mail all dolls of my store:

Every month I will send more and more kits for you, for the rest of your life I will work for you!.

* You will receive your license within 6 to 12 hours after making payment.

10 Units in Stock